Jim Crutcher
Jim Crutcher - Guitar, Saxophone & Vocals
Jim was first introduced to music by his tone-deaf mother. She would win bets in the saloons of Alaska by wagering her son could hear a song twice and sing it from beginning to end. She never lost a bet! And she never paid for a drink.

At age eight, Jim (Jimmy at this age) was introduced to an old suitcase pump organ. He immediately took to figuring out melodies on the antique keys. By fifth grade, he took up saxophone. At sixteen, guitar captured his interest.

At 21, he'd promoted several concerts featuring international stars, turned down two record contracts and decided that playing in the band was what he wanted. He spent time playing with notable groups, learning the in's and out's of the music business. Now, for your listening pleasure, he brings you: Theory Of Relativity!

Previous endeavors include such Northwest favorites as Blue Gin, The Redcoats, Sidekick, Radio Flyer, The Critics, Human Nature and Doubleshot.

Dale Christensen
Dale Christensen - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Dale grew up in Albany, Oregon. Wanting to play guitar, he found the market saturated and took up bass at 14. He was soon playing with the South Albany High School pep and stage bands as well as his church youth ensemble.

Dale attended the University of Oregon where he played with members of his fraternity. He graduated in 1982 and spent the next few years between Costa Mesa, California and Portland, Oregon working with the likes of Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Paul Revere & the Raiders (with which he had a special connection – but more on that later), Aerosmith, Tammy Wynette, Edgar Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper and Lynard Skynard. Notable local talent he has worked with includes Billy Hagen, Tom Arnold, Norman Sylvester, Kevin Selfe, Robbie Laws, Tom Grant, Ken Brewer and Dan Hess. While Dale has had ties to (and worked with) Theory Of Relativity for a number of years, he only recently joined the band full time. And we are thrilled to have him! Dale’s influences include his cousin Michael Smith (Smitty from Paul Revere & The Raiders), John Entwistle, Roger Glover, Geddy Lee and John Wood.

David Smith
David Smith - Percussion & Vocals
DAVID SMITH is a Portland native. He got his first drum kit at age nine. He discovered in himself a natural talent and interest for playing. Of course, coming from a musical family helped. In any event, he was playing professionally before he was 21 with a California based band, 'GT and the Sometimers'.

Says David; "I would have to exit thru that back door in-between sets."

David lists his primary influences as: Stewart Copeland, Neal Pert, Mitch Mitchell, Bill Ward, Dave Lombardo and Lars Ulrich.

Around Portland, he has played with and sat in with local bands such as Bolt Upright, Billy Hagen's Trip, Franco and the Stingers and J.R. Simms. We are thrilled to have David grace the skins with Theory Of Relativity!

Michael Pappas
Michael Pappas - Guitar & Vocals
Born in Richland, WA, Michael was raised in a musical family and started playing in rock and roll bands as a teenager. Growing up just South of Oakland, CA. he played with, and was influenced by many talented musicians who would later form the backbone of bands like “Tower of Power”, “Cold Blood”, and “Eddie Money”.

After playing venues all over the west Michael settled down in Portland, OR about four years ago and currently sings and plays guitar with “Theory of Relativity”.

Michael: Has worn many hats. He was born with his mothers hair and his father’s attitude. Michael has always been attracted to loose cars and fast women, likes his coffee like he likes his women. He has had problems with red cars and red headed women, never shot a man in Reno, has an unreasonable fear of glaucoma, believes two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do. Michael has learned to move slowly around sleeping cats and tends to let sleeping dogs lie. He believes it is with the heart one sees truly, that which is essential is invisible to the eye. Michael does not suffer fools gladly, is generally embarrassed by his species and tries to count his blessings.

Michael has been known to sing the blues.

Influences: Einstein, Hunter S. Thomson, Kurt Vonnegut, Candy…and too many others to name.

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